The six CTG hydropower plants on the Yangtze River.

The Three Gorges Project is a key backbone project for the development of the Yangtze River and generates benefits in terms of flood control, drought relief, water supply, navigation, ecological protection and power generation, making it a major water conservancy project that supports and improves people’s livelihood.

In addition to the Three Gorges hydropower plant, in operation in full scale since 2008, CTG is responsible for more five large hydropower plants along the Yangtze River, three of them in operation and two under construction. When completed, the six plants will respond by generating 295 TWh of clean energy.

The Three Gorges Complex operates safely and efficiently as a major contributor to the social and economic sustainability in local areas.


Notification 2
Gezhouba2.74 GW
In Operation
Xiangjiaba6.4 GW
In Operation
Three Gorges22.5 GW
In Operation
Xiluodu 13.86 GW
In Operation
Baihetan 16 GW
Under Construction
Wudongde10.2 GW
Under Construction

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